The Zeina family prevented her from participating Ahmed Ezz starring in this movie


Source: Cairo- Ahmed Al-Reedy

A strange story that the Egyptian artist Zina’s career witnessed at the beginning of her path, when she was discovered by the director Enas Al Degheidy and nominated for the lead role in a new movie.

That story was told by Zina, after she posted pictures of her on “Instagram”, when she was 16, and topped her cover for an Egyptian magazine that was issued at that time.

Zeina explained that at that time she had not participated in any artwork, but was being discovered, as she was supposed to star in the movie “Teenage Diaries”.

However, it revealed that her family forbade her from filming the movie just one day before filming began, without mentioning the reason for the ban, and whether it related to the bold content that the film appeared or not.

Zina confirmed that during that time she had not settled on her artistic name, as she was participating in her real name “Wissam”, asking her audience whether her appearance had changed over the years or not, noting that the Macaires were telling her that she resembled Sherihan.

The movie, which was shown 19 years ago, was attended by Hind Sabri instead of Zina, and Ahmed Ezz played the starring role, but Zina did not mention Ezz’s name when talking about work, in light of the crisis raised between them for years due to the lineage of her twins.


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