The WhatsApp program on these phones, starting from this date, has finally stopped a catastrophe threatening millions of users of the application


Recent technical reports showed a real catastrophe threatening millions of users for the WhatsApp application, after the company announced the discontinuation of the WhatsApp program on some phones beginning in February, as those in charge of the application are preparing to give up a large number of old devices and stop supporting many phones in The first of February, in the order specified for the modernization process and alerting all personnel.

WhatsApp program stopped

The application commented on the move, saying “If you use one of these affected mobile devices, we recommend that you upgrade to an Android phone or iPhone or a newer Windows Phone to continue to use WhatsApp.”

It is noteworthy that the WhatsApp application has already stopped a number of devices on December 31, after the operators of the program announced that they would abandon the raid of any Windows Mobile operating system, but with the beginning of next February, support for any iPhone running the system will be stopped Older than iOS 7, WhatsApp will not be installed on any Android device running version 2.3.7.

Supported phones will stop

Support will be discontinued from the last iPhone 7 iOS 7 phones, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5, and this system has been replaced with iOS 8 starting in 2014, so if you purchased an iPhone or iPad after that date, you will be OK, and you will not be OK. Affected by this step.

WhatsApp developers explained that the reason for this stoppage is a routine procedure to update older systems, saying, “As we look forward to the next seven years, we want to focus our efforts on the mobile platforms that the vast majority of people use.”


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