“The Voice” contester Heidi Mohamed is lying with Assi El-Helani (video) – Erm news


Egyptian contestant Heidi Mohamed, the Lebanese artist, lied Assi Al-Halani Jury member of The Voice Kids about his talk about knowing some talents beforehand that the coaches will not make their choice before going out and singing on the stage in the final stages of the competition.

Heidi Mohamed, who left her program, caused a sensation on social media, in an interview with “Fuchsia” during her response to Al-Hallani: All the words that the Lebanese artist said are incorrect.

Heidi added that the first day she went out on the stage to sing like any contestant, confirming that she had no knowledge or nobody told her that she might go up to the stage and sing and no one would choose her as Assi said in his statement.

Asi Al-Hillani had broken his silence to respond to the controversy surrounding the exit of the child Heidi Mohamed from The Voice kids program despite her distinctive voice, and Al-Hillani said in TV statements: It is in doubt that Heidi is one of the wonderful voices and unique talents that passed on the program.

And Asi explained that the coaches may be forced to not choose the talent to complete their teams, so they cannot choose the talent, according to the rules of the program, for each coach only 15 votes.

Asi pointed out that this problem is often exposed to them even in the youth talent program, so managing the program gives the participants after the total rehearsals and out of respect for their fatigue and talent if they prefer to come out with the program or not because the teams have been completed and they tell them that no one can circumvent them and have the freedom to decide .

Al-Hallani pointed out that in these episodes “the stage of sound only,” the trainers remain in the same clothes, sometimes there are episodes and they do not choose any sound.

It is mentioned that the episode of the child Haydee Muhammad caused a situation of widespread controversy among the pioneers of social networking sites and artists, especially because her voice is distinguished according to her defenders and they have chosen her as the best talent.

Followers of The Voice Kids program were surprised to delete the song of the child, Heidi Mohamed, from “YouTube”, in which she participated in the third episode of the stage “Voice only” in the third season of the program.

After that, Heidi went out on more than one program and sang during a telephone interview with the program “Public Opinion” with the media Amr after Al-Hamid, “Think of me” of the eastern planet Umm Kulthum, expressing her great love for her.

She said that she was subjected to a great injustice from the members of the committee, adding: “The members of the committee destroyed me and suffered a great injustice, and I was hoping that the star Asi El Halani or Mohamed Hamaki would choose me. No coach has made my choice. ”


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