The virus from China .. A doctor explains to “Al Hurra” about its transmission and ways to prevent it


Fears are increasing day by day, since the Chinese government admits that the virus invaded by its country is a “new corona”, transmitted not only from animals to humans, but also among humans.

This increases the fears of many countries other than China, about the spread of this virus, especially with the mid-year holidays, as travel is frequent to and from China.

New Corona?

In this regard, Jazla Fadda, a public health doctor, told Al-Hurra that the virus recently announced in China is a new virus that works in the same way as the Corona virus.

She noted that it is a “new corona,” which changes its pattern and appearance, and causes strong lung infections.

How to move?

And on the way it is transmitted between humans or animals to humans, the doctor said that it is transmitted in the same way as the other viruses.

And that, according to the expert, by touching objects contaminated with the virus, whether humans or animals, and also through the respiratory system.


The doctor outlined ways to prevent this virus by the necessity of continuous hand washing. Besides rapid detection in the event of a sudden pneumonia.

And on the gathering places, the specialist advised people with weak immunity to use masks.

Treatment vaccines

And on the nature of the vaccines for treatment of the new virus, the specialist in public health stated that the supposed vaccines, in principle, are curative, seasonal vaccines.

But the doctor, she added, “But the problem with the new Corona virus is that it changes its pattern and nature, in a way that is difficult to identify, to determine an effective vaccine for it .. Viruses that have a single pattern can easily determine their vaccines successfully, but the matter differs with the new corona.” .. “.

The new “Corona” … a pandemic sweeping people

As to whether this virus has reached the point of describing it as a deadly “epidemic”, the expert said that, to the extent of today, it cannot be considered an epidemic, given that it is still within the borders of one country (China).

She added: “But if he can exceed its borders, the WHO will become obligated to declare it a serious pandemic, and it must be addressed.”

This, and North Korea closed its borders to tourists from China as a preventive measure to prevent the arrival of the new virus.

Several countries have strengthened airport control measures over the epidemic, which was monitored in December in the Chinese city of Wuhan and spread to other parts of Asia.

The majority of foreign tourists who come to North Korea come from China and increased in number last year due to the improvement of relations between the two neighboring countries.


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