The transfer of the Egyptian artist Khaled El Nabawi to the hospital



The transfer of the Egyptian artist Khaled El Nabawy to the hospital

Khalid Al-Nabawi

The wife of the famous Egyptian artist Khaled El Nabawy has published a leaflet in which she says that her husband was taken to the hospital after a serious health crisis.

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She wrote in the post on her Facebook page, saying: “Khaled Taaban Ui and taken to the hospital, please invite me,” without revealing any details of the health crisis her husband was subjected to.

The Egyptian writer Farida Al-Shubashi also published through her account on Facebook a picture gathered by artist Khaled Al-Nabawi announcing his transfer to the hospital, and the post came: “And the Prophet who has reassuring news about the beloved star Khaled Al-Nabawi reassures, his wife Mona Al-Maghribi said that he is very tired and transferred him to the hospital, Khaled Beloved of millions, including myself .. A safety of the beloved son. ”

Source: Al-Watan


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