The solution to leaving a bold dress raises controversy


One of the accounts of the fans of the artist, Hala Al-Turk, posted on Instagram an unprecedented image that caught the attention of a large number of followers.

She appeared in a dress that appeared to be bold, as the chest area was covered with a large heart drawing. This sparked a wave of comments as some followers indicated it was the first time that the young artist wore such clothes. Others considered that she was still a child and that the choice of clothes was related to personal freedom.
It is noteworthy that the spotlight came to light on a solution earlier after a number of accounts recovered a video that appeared while she was participating in a public event and was taking selfies for herself.
A fan asked her to allow her to take pictures with her, but she embarrassed her and surprised her by refusing without any hesitation, saying, “No, I can’t.”
As a result, she was subjected to a wide wave of criticism, where many of the followers indicated that she became, by fame, showing arrogance and arrogance.
It is reported that Hala ignited the application of photos and videos earlier after she posted on her own account a photo of her with a daily casual look, where the black pants were tight and coordinated with a leather jacket, and she achieved more than 132 thousand likes.


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