The series “The Resurrection of Othman”, episode 7 on the ATV channel, clearly and most importantly, the expectations of the events of the seventh episode


In recent times, Turkish drama has invaded the Arab arena in a great way, especially the resurrection of Osman and the resurrection of Artgrel. Five parts of the series sparked widespread controversy and when he finished his current career, the series The Resurrection of Uthman or the founder Uthman, follow us the latest news of the series of the Resurrection of Uthman.

News revolving around the seventh episode of the Resurrection Osman series:

Since the beginning of the year 2020, no new episodes of the Resurrection Osman series or the founder Othman have been shown, and this has sparked controversy among the pioneers of social networking sites. Rather, doubts have arisen about not completing the show’s episodes, but the advertisers announced that the series was postponed until the seventh episode’s broadcast until the end From New Year celebrations 2020.
The company producing the Osman resurrection series indicated that the seventh episode of the series, which was postponed for two whole weeks, will be shown, and the show will be broadcast on Wednesday, 22/1-2020, and episodes will resume every Wednesday of every week as it was with the resurrection of Artgrel and the first The Resurrection of Osman.

The frequencies of the atv channel crossbar for Uthman:

In order to make sure that the episodes of the Resurrection of Uthman series are watched in full and clearly without interference, you must set your device on the frequencies of the atv channel, as it is considered the official channel for transmitting the series in the Turkish language and translating it into Arabic, and the frequencies are:

Channel nameThe name of the moonFrequencyCoding ratepolarization
AtvNile Sat1079627500H
AtvLeave the sat1162827500H

Among the most important heroes of historical work resurrection Osman:

The Resurrection of Osman is presented as an important historical work supplementing the path of the Artegral Resurrection series, and in this series many prominent figures in Turkish art are Burak Ozgvit, Millet Erdogan Gunduz B, Sav Gb and other brilliant artists in Turkey.


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