The Saudi embassy in “London” intervenes and saves 3 famous people from prison – Saudi Arabia News


The embassy of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in the United Kingdom contributed to saving 3 famous social media from arrest, after they violated the laws and regulations and broadcast a video of them inside their room in a London hotel, while plucking the feathers of a bath in the (bathtub) they brought with them from Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi embassy in London said, commenting on the subject, to “Okaz”, “The embassy pays attention to all Saudi citizens present in the United Kingdom, and the visitor may make a mistake because of his ignorance of the host country’s regimes. Unfortunately, some people may underestimate one of the systems, arguing that a friend or relative has not been violated or Arrest him while committing the violation ».

The embassy stressed that every Saudi citizen is an ambassador to the Kingdom, and it is worth noting the importance of familiarizing with the regulations and adhering to them and the need to communicate directly with the embassy in the event of any problem.

A celebrity in “Social Media” (which was among the three), in his account via “Snapchat”, apologized from inside the embassy, ​​saying, “We expected that we would be satisfied with a fine, but it is obligatory to arrest if the Saudi embassy does not stand with us.”

And a video clip, published by a famous “Snapchat” for their trip in London, raised the discontent of the social media pioneers, after plucking the feathers of the bathroom in the bathtub of their hotel, which prompted the followers to submit a complaint to the hotel management to hold him accountable, while one of the famous people justified their actions that they They did this for my money and with the hotel’s knowledge.


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