The Saudi embassy in London intervenes after stopping the famous snape who plucked the feathers of pigeons in the bathtub # Mansour_Al Rugaiba


After a wave of anger at the social networking position and the Saudi embassy in London entering, “Famous Snapchat” Mansour Al-Rugaiba expressed his apology for the incident of plucking the bath feathers in a bathtub in a London hotel, and he said: “I admit the mistake and I expected that the topic would end in fine but He was to be arrested. ”

“We are embarrassed, we are in the embassy in this position, and we would have been in a more honorable position … The issue would have necessitated the arrest had it not been for the kindness of God and the embassy’s standing with us,” he added, again, thanks to the embassy officials.

The “Raqiba” caused a sensation on social media after circulating a video of a celebrity accompanied him, plucking feathers of a bath that was brought from Saudi Arabia into a bath in a hotel in Britain, stressing that they gave a bad image of the Saudis, and asked them to stay away from these actions and know the laws of countries .
The hotel management intervened and took security measures against them, until the embassy intervened and ended the story, says Raqiba.


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