The S-400 system gives the Kingdom the ability to operate 4 different ballistic missiles


The American magazine National Interest revealed the advantages of the Kingdom’s approval earlier to purchase the Triumph S-400 anti-aircraft missile system from Russia.

The magazine mentioned in a report that it has the advantages of this S300, which it described as a more lethal tool than you think, as it can operate short and medium range ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, precision guided weapons and strategic and tactical aircraft.

It can also operate early warning aircraft and support electronic warfare, and among the countries that own this system are Egypt, Greece, China, India, Ukraine and Venezuela, but the S-400 is the real game changer.

The S400 system changes the rules of the game, which is to support four different missiles, long-range 400 km, (40N6E), long-range 250 km (48N6), 120 km (9M96e2), and short-term 40 km (9m96e). In comparison, the Patriot system The American supports only one interceptor missile with a range of 96 km.

The system is characterized by moving at a speed of 15 Mach, i.e. 5000 meters per second or 18500 km / h, and it can collide with targets as low as 5 meters from the ground, and is designed to strike aircraft and penetrating missiles that fly from ships or from land and also neutralize cruise missiles.


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