The prince of women loses a million dollars in 40 seconds


The famous American actor and businessman Dan Pillsrian lost a million dollars, after defeating his compatriot Donald Seron against Irish Connor Macgregor, in the fight that brought them together in the “246 UFC” course.
Dan Pillsrian, known as the “Instagram” and “The Booker” king, and the Prince of Women, announced that he had put a million dollars on the victory of his fellow Donald Crony over the Irish fighter.

Conor McGregor, a former featherweight and lightweight champion, Donald Cerrone, nicknamed “Cowboy”, was knocked down during 40 seconds of the fight that brought them together on Sunday morning as part of a “246 UFC” mixed martial arts course in the city of “MMA”. American Las Vegas.
The American “King of Instagram” lost one million dollars, while the Irish fighter got one million and 950 thousand dollars for every second of the time of the battle, a total of 78 million dollars, according to press reports.
Dan Pillsrian was born on December 7, 1980 in Tampa, Florida, USA, and is of Armenian descent.
He is a businessman, a poker player and an actor, and he considers himself the property of the “Instagram” site, where he reveals part of the luxury life he lives with fashion models, parties, etc., and this is followed by about 29.9 million people.


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