The price of iron and cement today, Wednesday, January 22, 2020, with the names and prices of iron and cement companies detailed


The price of iron and cement today Wednesday, January 22, 2020, we monitor for you today on our website the Sahara Network the latest news on the price of iron and cement, where we have noticed a decline in the prices of iron and cement to 10,000 Egyptian pounds, as this did not happen for a long time, and for more information on this topic, follow us on This article.

The price of iron and cement today 20 January 2020

After the Egyptian government implemented its plan to float the pound, all iron and cement companies in Egypt were affected. The iron and cement industry is one of the most important industries in Egypt in the field of construction and development. The Egyptian government also relies on its economy directly on that industry.

Prices of iron companies in Egypt

The Company’s nameLowest pricethe highest price
Ezz Steel Prices10450 pounds10450 pounds
Iron prices with tea10400 pounds10400 pounds
Prices of porter iron10250 pounds10250 pounds
Attia iron prices10100 pounds10200 pounds
Sarhan iron prices10100 pounds10200 pounds
Ferryman prices10050 pounds10100 pounds
Iron prices for the Egyptians10050 pounds10100 pounds
Egypt’s KOMI prices10,000 pounds10,000 pounds
Maadi Steel Prices10,000 pounds10,000 pounds
Decimal iron prices10,000 pounds10,000 pounds
Armaments iron prices10,000 pounds10,000 pounds
Egypt Steel Prices10050 pounds10050 pounds

Prices of cement companies in Egypt

The Company’s nameLowest pricethe highest price
The price of reinforced concrete805 EGP805 EGP
The price of victory cement790 pounds790 pounds
Minic cement800 pounds800 pounds
Horus Cement790 pounds790 pounds
Renaissance Cement780 pounds780 pounds
Lafarge Cement790 pounds795 pounds
Medcom Aswan Cement780 pounds785 pounds
Al-Areesh Military Cement780 pounds780 pounds
Sinai Cement780 pounds780 pounds
Suez Cement795 pounds795 pounds
Helwan Cement800 pounds805 pounds
Egypt Beni Suef805 pounds810 pounds
Swedish Cement805 pounds810 pounds
Obelisk Cement780 pounds780 pounds

By this, we have made clear to you, dear followers, on our website, the Sahara Network, everything related to iron and cement prices today, January 20, 2020.


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