The price of iron and cement today, Tuesday, 21-21-2020, and a decrease in prices after the pound floated


The price of iron and cement today, at the beginning of the beginning of Tuesday, on 21-21-2020, the price of iron and cement returned to the unexpected decline in iron and cement from the articles that set the law of supply and demand, but the Egyptian Stock Exchange was subjected to a surprise in the unexpected price decline, and the iron and cement industry One of the basics of the Egyptian state as it is not limited to the role of employment only, but also to provide the state’s needs for building materials that were manufactured on Egyptian land with Egyptian hands, to know the changes and developments in iron and cement continued with us.

Iron and cement under supply and demand:

After the pound float decision that was issued in November of 2016, the iron and cement trade was subjected to a severe decrease in the selling price, as iron became sold by the factory at an estimated amount of 10 thousand pounds.
It is recognized that iron and cement trade is a type of trade that falls under supply and demand, that is, it is one of the materials that are affected and affect the market data and are affected by the prices prevalent in the market.

Iron and cement prices according to the lowest and highest price on the market on Tuesday, 21-21-2020:

Iron prices:

The Company’s nameLowest pricethe highest price
Ezz Steel10450 pounds10450 pounds
Iron with tea10400 pounds

10400 pounds

Porter iron10250 pounds

10250 pounds

Sarhan Iron10100 pounds

10100 pounds

Attia’s iron10100 pounds

10100 pounds

Ferryman iron10050 pounds

10100 pounds

Iron of the Egyptians10100 pounds

10100 pounds

Maadi Iron10,000 pounds

10,000 pounds

Cement prices:

The Company’s nameLowest pricethe highest price
Armed cement805 EGP

805 EGP

Victory Cement790 pounds

790 pounds

ASIC Minya

800 pounds

800 pounds

Horus790 pounds

790 pounds

Factors affecting cement and iron prices for 2020:

Cement and iron, like the rest of the state’s resources, are exposed to indicators of decline and rise and are exposed to many factors that affect their value in the economy. Among the most important factors that affect the prices of iron and cement are the price of the US dollar.
And the reason for the impact of the US dollar on the price of iron because the basic materials that enter into the iron industry are originally materials imported from abroad, and as a result of them we need liquidity in the international currency, which is the US dollar.


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