The Pentagon reported a clash with the Russians in Syria: “They know where we are.”


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“We are keen to keep in touch with the Russians,” the Pentagon spokesman, Jonathan Hoffman, reiterated, his country’s position that the US military They will remain in their positions in SyriaAnd, despite the prevention of American forces passing Russian vehicles, on Saturday, from Tel Tamr, northeastern Syria.

In details, Hoffman said in an interview with “Novosti” about reports indicating that there was an exchange of fire between the Russian and American military in Syria, that his country had drawn the countries and other forces present in the region to the positions of its forces.

The official also pointed to the American concern to keep in touch with N.Their Russian counterparts, To avoid clashes between the two sides.

He added that it uses conflict prevention channels to prevent any misunderstanding or an accidental clash.

As announced that he does not possess information on any exchange of fire. Saying: “All I can say is that we are where we were and they know where we are.”

Russian military police forces in Syria
Russian military police forces in Syria
Weekly Communications

In turn, the deputy commander of the operations of the international coalition against ISIS stated that the contacts between the leaders of the American and Russian military groups in Syria take place weekly, not to mention almost daily contacts taking place at the lower levels, explaining that there is talk about contacts between representatives of warfare and forces on the ground, both. .

America's soldiers during the joint US-Turkish patrols in Syria
America’s soldiers during the joint US-Turkish patrols in Syria

It is noteworthy that the American special envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, was speaking Thursday about the objection of a Russian brigade in the vicinity of the Syrian city of Manbij more than a year ago.

The American diplomat, who did not disclose the details of the accident, said that the matter was successfully settled through what he called “military channels”.

“Spreading influence”

It is noteworthy that the competition between the Russian and American powers to establish influence in Syria has become clear in the recent period, as incidents of American patrols intercepting their Russian counterparts are frequently repeated.

Russian military police forces in Syria
Russian military police forces in Syria

A days ago, an American patrol intercepted a Russian in the village of Mostafawia, in the Derek region of Hasaka, to prevent it from reaching the Simalka border crossing.

On January 14, another American patrol also intercepted another Russian patrol and prevented it from passing at the Hittin Junction on the road between the cities of Hasaka and Qamishli, which leads to the international road, which led to verbal quarrels between the two parties that ended after the Russian patrol returned its tracks and prevented the path On the international road.

Russia recognizes “provocations”

It is mentioned that, after the start of the 14th meeting of the guarantors of the Astana track on Syria last December in the Kazakh capital, Nur Sultan, and with the participation of Turkey, Russia, Iran, the Syrian regime and a delegation of the Syrian opposition, the Russian presidential envoy to Syria Alexander Lavrentive announced that the participants in the Astana meeting discussed all issues related to Syria , Including the American presence in the region.

A member of the Syrian Democratic Forces, along with an American vehicle, in northern Syria (AFP)
A member of the Syrian Democratic Forces, along with an American vehicle, in northern Syria (AFP)

“I think we are ready to discuss the situation throughout Syria and of course, the question of the illegal US presence that aims to exploit Syria’s natural resources,” Lavrentiv said at the time.

In the same context, Lavrentev declared that the situation in the joint Russian-Turkish patrolling region is stable despite the presence of some provocations, as he talked about the possibility of overcoming difficulties in the work of the Syrian Constitutional Committee.

Even today, the conflict between the two powers still on the Syrian soil, with little glimmer of hope, reveals to which party will tilt the balance in that war-ravaged country for many years now.


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