“The Mouse is Innocent” .. Violent criticism of Al-Hilal coach after losing Al-Faisaly


ConfirmedTo inform Faisal Al-Raouji that it was the Romanian Razvan Lusescu who caused Al Hilal’s draw to Al-Faisaly.

Al-Hilal fell into the trap of a tie against Al-Faisali, with two goals, in the postponed match between them from the 12th round of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Cup.

In televised remarks, Raouji said: “Al Hilal has players with the same level as the main players. Lucescu plays a great role in spinning the players, which caused the team to lose balance, and Al Hilal lost more points in the past matches.

He added: “The player needs every period of rest to continue the work, the Al Hilal coach made a mistake when he took out Gomez and interfered with Al-Dosari, then returned and corrected the error by involving Saleh Al-Shehri, and he was supposed to do this from the beginning.”

He continued: “Lucescu could have won against Al-Faisali, but his wrong interventions in the match caused Al Hilal to lose.”


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