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Screen of News – The Ministry of Health said that Palestine to date is completely free from the Corona virus (2), which has recorded many deaths and injuries in China and a number of countries in the world, in order to preserve public health and to work for a speedy response in monitoring and diagnosing cases in Palestine, and based on Recommendations of the World Health Organization, the Ministry of Health has circulated to all its health centers the necessary instructions, including the definition of the suspected case and the manner of its isolation, and medical teams treat it clinically and in the laboratory.

The Ministry indicated that its crews, under the direction of the Minister of Health, Dr. May Alkila, in constant contact with the World Health Organization to keep abreast of any developments or instructions issued by the United Nations in this regard.

And on the prevention of disease for citizens, the Ministry of Health stressed the importance of following the following instructions:
1) Avoid direct contact with people with pneumonia.
2) washing hands frequently, especially after dealing with or contact with a sick person
3) Avoid unsafe contact with animal farms
4) People suffering from pneumonia should stay away from others and use tissue tissues during coughing or sneezing.
5) Compliance with hospital infection control standards by health personnel, especially in emergency departments.
6) Any patient returning from China or from the possibility of announcing the emergence of the disease, and symptoms of influenza or pneumonia should promptly go to the nearest health center for examination.

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