The Ministry of Health takes a number of measures to benefit travelers to and from China


The Ministry of Health takes a number of measures for the benefit of travelers to and from China The Director-General of the National Observatory of New and Emerging Diseases at the Ministry of Health, Insaf Ben Ali, confirmed on Friday that the risk of the emergence or spread of the “Corona” virus in Tunisia is still weak due to the absence of direct flights between Tunisia and China, in which the virus appeared for the first time. Stressing that the Ministry will work to intensify monitoring and follow-up operations at airports. The Ministry, in cooperation with the Civil Aviation Bureau, will also distribute a number of awareness-raising pamphlets bearing the necessary guidance regarding prevention of virus infection, according to Ben Ali, who indicated that the World Health Organization has not yet announced a health emergency due to the spread of this virus in China. Ben Alia recommended Tunisians traveling to China to avoid approaching people more than 2 meters and using a condom in the areas of the nose and mouth and washing hands with water and soap. She also called on returnees from China to pay attention to signs of illness and contact the doctor in the event that one of the signs of infection with the virus is proven which is fever, cough, distress and difficulty Breathing, nasal or throat congestion, severe headache and diarrhea. The situation may develop into acute respiratory symptoms that may lead to respiratory failure and death. China, where the virus has appeared since December 31, 2019, has announced that the number of people infected with the virus has risen to 840 and the number of victims to 25, while its authorities are still struggling to contain the deadly virus, which is feared spreading with millions traveling across the country to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year. Corona virus is one of the types of viruses that infect the sinuses, nose, and upper part of the throat. The Corona virus was discovered for the first time in the sixties, and the source of this virus was not known at the time, and it is mentioned that this virus may infect humans and animals in some cases. Here to read the news from its source.

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