The major antiquities case … 15 years imprisonment for the former Italian consul in Egypt


Source: Cairo – Ashraf Abdel Hamid

Today, an Egyptian court punished Ladislav Otker Skakal, the former honorary consul of Italy and the fugitive, in absentia for 15 years in prison for smuggling antiquities into Europe.

The Egyptian Public Prosecution had ordered the referral of the former consul to Italy and Boutros Raouf Boutros Ghali, brother of Youssef Boutros, the former Egyptian Minister of Finance and others to the criminal court, with the speed of seizing and bringing the Italian consul, and inserting it on the Red Notice in Interpol, and lists of anticipation of access to accuse them of the issue of smuggling Egyptian antiquities to Europe.

The case dates back to May of 2018, when Italian media revealed that artifacts found in diplomatic containers in the port of Salerno, Italy, were coming from Egypt, and Egyptian officials were suspected of being involved in smuggling them.

She stated that the artifacts consist of a group of pottery vessels from different time periods, parts of coffins and coins, and a few pieces belonging to Islamic civilization.

For its part, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that the Italian side revealed that their contacts with the customs administration in Alexandria Port indicated that the antiquities and the shipment were not an Egyptian diplomat, but belonged to an Italian citizen, which later turned out to be the honorary consul of Italy in Egypt.

The Public Prosecutor ordered that all of the accused, Medhat Michel Gerges Salib, his wife Sahar Zaki Ragheb, and Boutros Raouf Ghali, the brother of the former minister, be prevented from disposing of their money, and he also issued a decision to include Skakal Otaker Ladislav on the waiting lists.

Egypt recovered the contraband, consisting of 21 thousand coins, in addition to 195 antique pieces, including 151 miniature octopus statues of faience, 11 pottery vessels, 5 mummy masks, some of which are gold-plated, a wooden sarcophagus, two small compounds of wood, 2 canopic heads, and 3 colored ceramic tiles belonging to the Islamic era.


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