The lost Jerusalem child was found dead … a painful video for a moment he was rescued


Source: Dubai –

In a water pool near the place where he lost Friday, and after hundreds of Jerusalemites participated in the searches that were launched to search for him, medical sources announced, on Saturday, that the 8-year-old Qais Abu Rumaila child was found dead in a water complex in Beit Hanina .

In the details, the child’s traces were lost after four o’clock in the afternoon on Friday, and there were reports of his abduction, and then searches started for him, until the Israeli police issued a statement claiming that a large force of its personnel rushed to the place and started scans and combing operations to find the missing child.

A statement issued by the Israeli Fire and Rescue Authority added that the boy was found and taken to the hospital without success.

The information that arrived for the fire and rescue last night also explained that fire and rescue crews arrived from Wadi Al-Joz station to an area where rain water gathered, and worked hours to withdraw the water.

Wooden plank and failed rescue attempt

After that, it became clear that the boy was in the place under a wooden board, so the crews worked to rid him and transfer him to the medical crews who described his condition as serious.

In turn, a statement of the Israeli police confirmed the failure of the rescue efforts and the death of the child.

Earlier Saturday morning, local sources in Jerusalem published a video showing K ambulance crews trying to resuscitate the child at the site, after being subjected to severe cold for hours.

The occupation authorities bear the responsibility

On the other hand, the “National Social Movement” in Jerusalem issued a statement holding the municipality and the Israeli authorities responsible for the child’s death because they left a deep and dangerous water pool without covering it, or guaranteeing any public safety precautions, especially as it is located in a vital area crowded with commercial complexes, playgrounds, schools for children and commercial buildings Close.


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