The iPhone 11 Series lineup is responsible for 69% of Apple’s sales in the United States during the fourth quarter of 2019


iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone is one of the bestselling devices during the holiday season, especially as newer models arrive at the beginning of the fourth quarter of each year. According to a new report recently released by the market research firm CIRP, 69 percent of the iPhone phones sold in the United States of America during the fourth quarter of 2019 were part of the iPhone 11 Series lineup.

IPhone 11 was the most popular with 39 percent, while iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max accounted for 15 percent of sales each. This is an impressive shift considering that the iPhone XS Max has outperformed iPhone XS sales by a large amount. Many iPhone users may have upgraded to iPhone 11 Pro this year.


Given the low price of the iPhone XR of $ 599 after the release of the iPhone 11 Series lineup, it has continued to garner more sales this year, accounting for about 18 percent of total iPhone sales during the fourth quarter of last year.

Since Apple is no longer revealing official iPhone sales numbers anymore, CIRP uses the weighted average retail price to preview the average sales price. You think the average is $ 809, which represents growth from $ 783 during the third quarter of 2019, but this still represents a decrease from $ 839 during the fourth quarter of 2018, indicating that the iPhone 11’s low price and price The downgrade for the iPhone XR has offset the upward trend.

It could also be due to a slowdown in the adoption of models with more storage. Two-thirds of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max buyers chose copies with more than 64GB of storage, while most other iPhone models buyers chose the minimum available storage memory for purchase.

It is worth noting that this report is based on the opinion polls. This report is based on a survey of up to 500 Apple customers in the United States of America who purchased the Apple product from October to December 2019.


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