The “influenza vaccine” is necessary for pregnant women and allergic patients … and does not cause severe effects


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Lately, beliefs have appeared in many people that obtaining the flu vaccine will expose them to influenza and make them more severe than others who did not take the vaccine, after rumors emerged about the many side effects of the injection, despite the confirmation by a number of doctors that the majority of possible side effects « It is rare, and most of them are local, such as redness and swelling. This was not the only common occurrence of the vaccine, as the World Health Organization described rumors about it as “myths” and identified a number of them, namely:

Influenza is not dangerous nor does it require a vaccine, and the fact is that it can kill many people, and this represents only respiratory deaths, so the potential effect is much higher. Even healthy people can develop it, but it affects people whose immune systems are at risk, and most of these people will recover within a few weeks, but some people can develop complications including sinuses, ear infections, pneumonia, and heart or brain infections.

Influenza vaccine affects influenza itself, and the fact is that the vaccine contains a defective virus that cannot infect the influenza.

Influenza vaccine can cause severe side effects, and the truth is that it is “safe”.

■ A pregnant woman should not take the influenza vaccine. Whereas pregnant women in particular should receive the influenza vaccine because their immune systems are weaker than usual. A defective influenza vaccine is considered safe at any stage of pregnancy.


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