The husband of a passenger who killed “Ukrainian” fleeing Iran .. “They threatened me.”


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As if the tragedy of losing his wife is not enough for him until he is exposed to threats that made him leave the country. This is what happened with Jawad Soleimani, the husband of the Nazi Nabi, one of the victims Ukrainian passenger plane The Iranian Revolutionary Guards shot down in Tehran, at the dawn of January 8, when he revealed that he was summoned and threatened by the Intelligence Department in the city of Zanjan, on charges of “insulting Khamenei’s representatives”, which led him to leave the country, according to Iran International, on Thursday evening.

Soleimani had published a post last week on his page in “Instagram”, during which he confirmed that the Intelligence Department in the city of Zanjan, had called him, the next morning for the “funeral procession”, summoned him on charges of “insulting Khamenei’s representatives.”

Criticism of the representative of Khamenei and the guard .. and a threat

The summons came, according to Soleimani, after he criticized on his Instagram account, “how to carry out the memorial ceremonies imposed by the Martyrs and Revolutionary Guards and government institutions” in the country.

He said at the time: “Unfortunately, in the memorial service, I saw the Leader of the Revolutionary Guards and the representative of Khamenei in the Guards, standing by our side as consolation and calamity, so I told them that I am not so jealous and dietary that you stand beside us as those who are consoled.”

From the site of the Ukrainian plane crash in Tehran (archive - Reuters)
From the site of the Ukrainian plane crash in Tehran (archive – Reuters)

In addition, Jawad revealed that on the day of the funeral, he received a message stating: “Close your mouth. This is the first and last warning.”

Recall that Iranian Civil Aviation Authority Last Monday, after keeping silent for several days, I announced that two “TOR-M1” missiles targeted the Ukrainian plane, which killed 176 passengers, most of them Canadian and Iranian. In a second report, the commission stated that “two TOR-M1 missiles were launched towards the Ukrainian plane.”

And the Iranian Revolutionary Guards announced two weeks ago, days after they had denied responsibility for the Ukrainian plane accident, that a missile had been fired towards it, but it exploded near the plane, saying that “the plane has diverted its path of return”, which Ukraine later denied with maps.

And attributing the cause to the “tension” that prevailed, the commander of the Guardian Ground Force, Amir Ali Haji Zadeh, said at the time that the guards thought that the Ukrainian plane was a cruise missile, so he fired a short-range missile towards it.


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