The Houthis kidnap 6 children and return them dead bodies


Source: Arabic.Net – Osan Salem

The refrigerator of the Dhamar General Hospital, in central Yemen, received the bodies of six children who were kidnapped by the Houthi revolutionary militia about 45 days ago from the customs neighborhood northwest of the city of Dhamar, and dumped them on the front lines of one of the fighting fronts.

Local sources stated that the dead children were Muhammad Ahmad Al-Mandi (14 years old), an orphan of the parents, Khalid Salwan Al-Khulani (15 years old), Aboud Musaad Al-Samawi (15 years old), Wael Rassam (15 years old), and Jawhar Al-Tohamy (14 years old), who was displaced from Al-Hodeidah Governorate , And Muhammad Abd al-Wahhab Ali Jahlan (15).

The local Al-Masdar Online news website reported, citing these sources, that two of the children, Muhammad Abdul Wahhab Jahlan and Mohammed Ahmed Al-Mandi, had their funeral, on Tuesday, to “Rawdat Al-Houthi” in the city center, while the bodies of the others are still in the hospital refrigerator.

Dead children
Dead children
SOS of the crematorium of death

The families of the dead children held the Houthi militia fully responsible for the kidnapping of their children without their knowledge and then their killing, and they called on the international community, local, regional and international human rights and humanitarian organizations to save the pleasures of their livers from the cremations of death that the Houthi militias throw them.

Poor people pay the price

Local and international human rights organizations and reports stated that more than two thousand children from Dhamar Governorate alone were killed by the Houthi militia since 2014 until the moment, the majority of whom are poor families and rural people.

The legitimate Yemeni government accuses the coup militia Houthi of recruiting more than thirty thousand children and plunged them into the battlefields, stressing that the militias have made children the weakest link in society by turning against the legitimate authority.

The Houthi coup militia strived to turn schools into barracks for military purposes, and to take advantage of the difficult conditions in Yemeni families to recruit their children and push them to the front lines.

Continuous terrorism

On Saturday, the Houthi militia also targeted a missile attack at a mosque in an army camp in Ma’rib Governorate, during which at least 80 Yemeni soldiers from the Yemeni legal forces were killed, according to a hospital medical source.

The Yemeni President, Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi, condemned the attack, saying it was a “treacherous and cowardly terrorist operation”, stressing that the Houthi militia seeks only death and destruction.


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