The hero of the “kingdoms of fire”, Khaled Al-Nabawi, suffered a heart attack … and this is what happened


Source: Cairo – Ahmed Al-Reedy

The Egyptian artist, Khaled El Nabawy, suffered a heart attack on Tuesday morning, which required his urgent transfer to the hospital.

The Egyptian writer Farida Al-Shobashi revealed to the details of what happened, especially that she has a close relationship with the wife of the Egyptian artist, as she confirmed that during the practice of the Egyptian artist for sports on Tuesday morning, he suffered severe pain, which necessitated his transfer to the French palace Al-Aini Hospital, There, he was exposed to a heart attack, and a catheter was administered to assist him, and then his condition improved.

Kingdoms of Fire series
Kingdoms of Fire series

The Egyptian writer explained that the health of the Egyptian artist, the hero of the series “Kingdoms of Fire”, which was recently received by a large number of people in the Arab world, is in continuous improvement at the present time.

The wife of the Egyptian artist had aroused the concern of his fans, after she wrote through her account on Facebook, saying, “Khaled is very tired … and I move the hospital .. Please invite him,” which increased everyone’s anxiety.

For his part, Ashraf Zaki, the captain of the acting professions, revealed the health condition of the artist Khaled El-Nabawy, after he was transferred to the hospital because he felt an urgent health problem, explaining that the artist’s health condition is currently stable after leaving the operating room.

Ashraf Zaki said, during a telephone conversation via the Egyptian TEN satellite, that the artist will be discharged from the hospital within a day or two with a lot after his health condition improved, explaining that Khaled El-Nabawy was in a hotel in the center of the country and felt ill, so he was transferred to the hospital.

And the captain of the acting professions continued, that the artist Khaled Al Nabawi asked him to thank those who asked about him, saying: “The subject is simple, the visit is forbidden, and I met him for a minute and said two days with a lot and went out, and thanked him and his appreciation to all, and all people reassured him.”

Khaled Al-Nabawy celebrated the week before last with the launch of his new movie “One and One Nights” in Egyptian and Arab cinemas, with the participation of the film Ahmed El-Fishawy, Dora, Hanan Motawea, Khaled Adel Sarhan, Mohamed Hamza El-Aili and Shady Asaad, written by Yahya Fekry and directed by Ayman Makram, All the events of the film take place on a day and night in the Sayyida Zeinab neighborhood, the most popular neighborhood in Egypt.


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