The harmful message came from the phone of the Saudi Crown Prince


A report by the British Guardian newspaper, citing sources, stated that the mobile phone penetration of Amazon founder billionaire Jeff Bezos in 2018 was “after receiving a message on WhatsApp, apparently sent from the personal account of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Prince Mohammed bin Salman” .

It is believed, According to the newspaper, That “the coded message sent from the number used by Bin Salman, contained a harmful file that infiltrated the phone of the owner of the Washington Post and the richest man in the world, according to the results of a digital evidence analysis.”

The Guardian notes that the Crown Prince and Bezos were exchanging friendly messages on WhatsApp, when the malicious file was sent on May 1 of that year, according to sources the newspaper said had spoken to on the condition of anonymity.

It quoted “informed source” that “large quantities of data were removed from the Bezos phone within hours.”

The newspaper said that the disclosure that “the future king of Saudi Arabia” may have a personal role in targeting the founder of the American company Amazon “will send shock waves from Wall Street to Silicon Valley in California (the headquarters of major technology companies). It could undermine the crown prince’s efforts to attract more From Western investors to the Kingdom, in the context of his project to diversify its economy. “

The newspaper is also likely to raise questions it described as “difficult” for the kingdom over the circumstances surrounding how the American “The National Enquirer” newspaper published intimate details of Bezos’ private life, including text messages, nine months after that date.

Saudi Arabia previously denied that it had targeted Bezos phone, or had a role in publishing its story in “The National Enquirer.”


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