The Galaxy S20 Ultra will feature a stainless steel frame


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Samsung has used aluminum frames in the last five generations of its flagship smartphones. Now, the fans are ready for a surprise because we have now received a new rumor that the Galaxy S20 Ultra will feature a stainless steel frame. This information was revealed by the same person who was behind the leakage of the first real photos of the upcoming Samsung flagship phone.

Currently, Apple alone uses stainless steel in the chassis. The last three generations of iPhone phones include a stainless steel frame, which is more resistant to scratches compared to aluminum, and provides better smartphone toughness and durability.

On the other hand, stainless steel is more dense, which may be a problem for some users, given that the Galaxy S20 Ultra will most likely be a massive phone. The weight is sure to be around 200g, and this may be a headache depending on how you carry your smartphone.

Fatima Ait Talib

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