The Football Association notifies Gerisha’s jihad to stop him pending investigation because of Facebook


The most dangerous legal adviser to the Referees Committee of the International Football Association referee Jihad Grisha He was suspended pending the completion of his investigation, after the committee decided to refer him to the investigation because of the publication of the complaint he submitted to Jamal Al-Ghandour, head of the committee, and Amr Al-Janaini, head of the quinquennial committee on the social networking site “Facebook”, next to his talk on various TV programs without permission from the committee.

Grisha made an official complaint to Ghandour and El-Jinaini, protesting the arrangement of the international list of referees that was recently approved by FIFA, in which Grisha ranked third behind Ibrahim Nour El-Din and Amin Omar, which Grisha described as a blatant compliment and that its aim is to keep him away from the World Cup 2022.

The text of the complaint was as follows: “I present to you, in an official capacity, to object to the fact of the arrangement of the international list of rulers of Egypt for the year 2020, in which the masters of the main rulers committee, who denied that this occurred at first, and after that they said it is the responsibility of the previous committee that established the arrangement, to escape responsibility “.

Grisha said, in televised remarks, “I am tired, naughty, and oppressed a lot, in order to make my name and honor my country in the largest African and international sporting forums, and yet I do not know why I am being subjected to war on the part of the referees’ system,” demanding that his speech be investigated to prevent a repetition of the injustice imposed on him as described.

The World Cup referee added: “My ranking in the list came by an active act in order to keep me away from the World Cup and put the alternative to me, saying:” Whoever got lost from the World Cup and I trust in the integrity of the Football Association. ”

In contrast, Jamal Al-Ghandour confirmed He refuses to go down to the level of response to one of the rulers, noting that the committee will discuss the complaint filed by Grisha to respond to it and clarify the details of what happened in the international list, which should be done inside the closed rooms and not through social media or television screens.. The Chairman of the Referees Committee said that the verdict will be investigated by Jihad Greisha, due to the announcement and publication of an official document related to the Referees Committee, as well as talking via TV programs without permission from the Referees Committee.


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