The Football Association announces the registration of Alio Badji in Al-Ahly, locally and in Africa


The Football Association announced the end of Al Ahly club registration Senegalese Alio Badji The team striker locally and Africa after the arrival of the player’s international card, to become the player’s right to participate in front of the coastal star next Sunday in the group stage of the African Champions League.

Al-Ahly will play the coastal star in Cairo next Sunday at Al-Salam Stadium in the fifth round of the group stage, before traveling to Sudan to face the Al Hilal team. Al-Ahly continues its daily training in preparation for the upcoming match, and Vyler is looking forward to preparing his players well for this upcoming confrontation in order to harvest the three points And to preserve the team’s chances of qualifying for the quarter-finals of the championship, which Al-Ahmar wishes to restore to its absent tanks since 2013.

The African Union has set on January 26 this date to meet Al-Ahly and the coastal star in Cairo instead of the 24th that was previously set, and Al-Ahly will resume its training at noon today, Wednesday, at the Touch Stadium in preparation to face the Tunisian team, after the end of the 48-day rest period An hour, after the last Arab Contractors match in the league, during which Al-Ahly managed to win and fly away at the top of the competition.

The Football Association received approval from the security authorities to attend 10,000 fans in the Al-Ahly match against the coastal star, and the Swiss technical manager, René Filer, set a special physical and technical program for the new team striker, Senator Alio Badji, the new team striker. A special program for “Badji” to be implemented with the aim of preparing it to participate in the upcoming coastal star meeting.


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