The Democrats made up information against Trump


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Senator Rick Scott of the US President Donald Trump’s defense team declared: “Democrats have provided fabricated information against the president,” noting that “the president has not obstructed justice or any violation of the constitution.”

Scott also indicated, on Saturday, that “the goal of the Democrats is to help John Biden run for president.”

“The president will be acquitted.”

For his part, Republican Senator Ted Cruz announced that Trump’s defense will focus on objective facts. To the insulation issue.

Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz

“The American people will listen to the truth and President Trump will be cleared,” said Cruz.

To that he added: “Today is the last to listen to Adam Schiff and Pelosi after their fake measures against Trump.”

“He made no mistake.”

Recall that US President’s Advocate On Saturday morning, they began pleading with him in a trial dismissing him before the Senate, three days after accusations by Democrats.

“You will see that the president did not make any mistake,” said White House attorney Pat Chipollone, who first spoke during an exceptionally organized meeting. He also indicated that prosecutors in the House of Representatives had not succeeded in presenting their case.

The president’s lawyer will have 24 hours over three days to present their defense of Trump before the Senate.

Meanwhile, Democrats, the House of Representatives, who decided to dismiss Trump on December 18, concluded their arguments in detail late Friday.


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