The death of Mahmoud Abu Al-Saud’s father, the current and Al-Ahly Arab contractors guard


He passed away a little while ago, Mahmoud Abu Al-Saud’s father, a goalkeeper The Arab Contractors The current and the previous Al-Ahly, where the player wrote on his personal page on Facebook: “God did not give and God did not take, and we are separated for griefers, but we do not say except what God pleases. We are God and to Him we return. He died to the mercy of God Almighty my father. The back of the Great Mosque of Sindoub, and the funeral pavilion next to the house in Mansoura We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.

Mahmoud Abu Al-Saud, the current Arab Contractors goalkeeper and the former Al-Ahly, is one of the distinguished goalkeepers in the league and performs well with the Premier League runner-up.

Club announced The Arab Contractors He was satisfied in the winter transfer season this January, after he contracted Nigerian striker Jacob Njoku, striker of Ceramica Cleopatra, for a period of 6 months on loan. Engineer Mohamed Adel Fathi, a member of the Board of Directors and supervising the team, confirmed that the contractors had satisfied the Mercato Winter with this deal.

And on the authority of Al-Ahly’s playmaker, Saleh Jumaa, to join the contractors in the ongoing winter Mercato, the contractor member confirmed that Saleh Jumaa is a great player and represents an addition to any team, but he did not enter into the technical accounts of the technical staff of the contractors led by Imad Al-Nahhas.

Muhammad Adel also confirmed that he does not blame the players for the loss from Al-Ahly, saying: “Who can afford Al-Ahly? We played until the last seconds and we fought to adjust the result. I did not blame the players, but on the contrary I told them that they were up to the responsibility.”

Adel added: The teams will be fierce in the upcoming matches and with the start of the second round in light of the relegation struggle, all the teams will covet in the three points and I will not accept the players to compromise in our current position, they were the same as the responsibility in the previous games and I hope they will continue in the same spirit and performance.

And the Arab contractors are second in the table of the general league competition, with 29 points behind the leading club Al Ahly with 36 points, where the wolves of the mountain won 9 games, they tied in three and lost two that were against Al-Ahly and Zamalek.

The team resumed its training on one of the sub-stadiums in Jabal Al-Akhdar after losing in the last round against Al-Ahly Club 2/0, in the round match 14, to continue its preparations to face Tanta.

Mohamed Salem and Saif Al-Din Al-Jaziri are the top scorer of the Arab contractors with a score of 5 goals each, and Mohammed Samir, the team’s defender, is ranked second with 4 goals..



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