The Dammam female student bus was targeted with the aim of killing his sister


Against the background of a person in Dammam shooting at a bus carrying female students, new details were revealed.

And it turned out that the shooter was aiming to kill his sister, called (Nada Al-Qahtani), which led to her killing and wounding the driver and another student, and they are in serious condition.

The injured student’s brother went out, explaining that his sister, Rowan, had been shot, from someone who had decided to kill his sister, as the shooting was random.

As the Twitter pioneers launched a name for Nada Al-Qahtani, they demanded that the murderous brother be held accountable.

Lawyer Abdul Rahman Al-Lahim participated in the marking, expressing his deep sorrow at this incident, describing what happened as a painful thing.

Al-Lahim said: If the criminal escaped from the sword of justice, then others would dare to sanction blood, hitting the sword on the throats of these fools criminals; it would protect the rule of law.

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