The crisis is over .. The Crescent officially includes Olayan in a reciprocal deal


Al-Hilal Club announced that it has officially signed a contract with Mudallal Al-Olayan, the right back of Al-Taawun, during the current winter transfer window.

Hilal announced at the beginning of this month that he had obtained the signature of Olayan, for a period of three seasons, starting from next summer, after entering the free period of his contract.

He pledged to cooperate immediately after submitting a complaint against Al-Hilal, because of the existence of a clause in the player’s contract, which prevents him from negotiating with any other team, three months before its end.

Al Hilal revealed in an official statement that the contract with Olayan will be from January this year, and without waiting for next summer, as announced at the player’s signature.

For his part, Al-Taawun Club indicated that its president, Mohamed Al-Qassem, agreed to give up Olayan to Al Hilal team this winter, wishing the player success in his new journey.

The cooperation indicated that, in return, he obtained the services of the left-back Hassan Kaddish, who signed contracts linking him to Sukari Al-Qassim, for three and a half seasons.

Al-Qasim thanked him for Fahd Bin Nafil, President of Al Hilal, for the proper handling of the Kaddish transition to cooperation.


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