The case of the Babel series for Khaled Arghanish interact … Did he insult the Arabs?


The case of the “Babel” series, starring the Turkish actor, remainsKhaled OrganicsShe reacts, after the great controversy he raised from the first episode, and the many criticisms that the work was subjected to for several reasons.
Among these reasons, which the followers shared again about the first episode, is their indication that the work insulted the Arabs, as the series, which also deals with real estate trade in Turkey, included a sentence that raised a lot of controversy among Arab viewers, as Irfan says Organic, in turn, said, “Most of the Arabs are buying homes in Turkey, because the Arab countries during the next five years will not be able to live in them.”
It is noteworthy that the series was also criticized for its accusation that it was promoting the FETÖ, an Islamic national religious and social movement, led by the Turkish preacher Fethullah Gulen who has lived in the United States since 1999, and is against Erdogan’s policy and was classified by the Turkish government as a terrorist organization, She is accused of the failed attempted coup d’état that took place in 2016.


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