The case of Israa Gharib comes back to the spotlight with a strange testimony from her brother



The brother of the murdered Palestinian girl, Israa Gharib, whose case received widespread Palestinian and Arab attention, presented a strange testimony before the court during the fourth session of the trial of the accused in the case.

“His sister was suffering from mental illness, and there was magic,” said Mohamed, the brother of Israa Gharib, a dentist residing in Greece, who holds her nationality, in his testimony with the department.

Her brother added that the family removed her daughter from the hospital, after it was found that she does not need physical treatment, saying that the girl was shown to a sheikh, and then was lightly beaten in order to control her.

Those accused of killing Israa two of her brothers and her sister’s husband, and perhaps their brother’s testimony, to their strangers, were an attempt to save them, especially since they still deny the charges against them.

The Palestinian judicial authorities say they have heard 41 witnesses in the case, noting that the next session will be postponed until February 10.

The Palestinian Attorney General, Akram Al-Khatib, revealed last September that the beating that led to death was the one that killed the girl.


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