The campaign “Let us be proud” raises controversy and ridicule in Syria


The “Let Us Pride” campaign, launched on social media in Syria to support the national currency, has sparked a lot of controversy and cynicism in the country.

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The Syrian pound has witnessed a significant deterioration in its value against the major currencies since the protests began in Lebanon, which was reflected in the insanely high prices.

#Letna_ our pride

Activists launched through the social media sites in Syria a campaign entitled “Lirana our pride”, aiming to support the Syrian pound by inviting merchants to sell their goods at a value of one Syrian pound, provided the buyer owns a “metallic” Syrian pound, in a symbolic sign of its value.

The beginning of the campaign was from Homs Governorate, where a large number of commercial stores joined the campaign, which announced the provision of its services in various fields for only one Syrian pound ..

The campaign later spread to a number of governorates.

Opinions were divided on social media about the campaign, between those who saw it as a beautiful and influential initiative, and those who considered it a misleading campaign, aimed at distracting people from the economic problems of the country.

Masoud Akko considered that any campaign aimed at “mitigating the effects of the high dollar exchange rate against the Syrian pound is an important and useful step.”

Ayman Abboud said that “the initiative is important” to spread the culture of anti-corruption and to educate, educate, and solidify the street, regardless of its actual results.

On the other hand, others ridiculed the campaign, saying that media outlets loyal to the Syrian regime were standing behind it, and that it was just an exploitation of the Syrians’ need.

Some also pointed out that some shops announced their participation in the campaign, but they did not adhere to it, and only said, “The offer has ended.”

Muhammad al-Hallaq called on the state to participate in the campaign if it is sincere by selling life supplies such as gas, fuel and passports in one pound, considering that the campaign underestimates the minds.

Another said that solving the lira’s problem will only be by “putting a finger on the wound and identifying the causes of its real collapse, and without it is a waste of time and effort and the solution will not come from the people because the currency recovery is linked to a long-term process led by the government with the support of the people.”


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