“The Bridegroom” .. Adel Imam al-Saghir appears for the first time


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The artist Rami Imam used to keep his family away from the cameras, perhaps it is a characteristic that he carried on his father, the artist Adel Imam, who has hidden his personal life for years and now, so Rami breaks it by showing his older son for the first time.

And Rami presented his son, via “Instagram”, after he released a short movie through “YouTube”: “O group, I will bring the groom to you with the video. This is Adel who made the video that you like.”

The son continued his phrases to the audience: “How are you, workers group, what? I like to thank everyone in you, and thank my parents.” And Rami returns to conclude the video: “Thank you, Adel Imam Junior, for the first time.”


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