The assassination of an Iraqi activist returning from the protests in Basra


Source: Basra – France Press

A civilian activist was killed With an armed attack Downtown Basra, in southern Iraq, according to a security source told “AFP” today, Wednesday, with protests continuing to demand long-awaited political reforms.

“The civilian activist Jannat Mazi (49 years) was killed by an attack by unidentified gunmen traveling in a four-wheel-drive vehicle,” a Basra police officer told France Press, noting that five other people, including a female activist, were also seriously wounded.

The attack occurred just before midnight on Tuesday. A medical source in the forensic medicine department in Basra confirmed, “The body of the activist, who died after being shot, was received.”

The demonstrators were exposed And activists To attack on their way back from the protest square.

The incident comes after four protesters were killed in the past two days in Baghdad, according to security and medical sources.

Violence in demonstrations across the country has resulted in the deaths of some 460 people, the majority of whom are protesters, and more than 25,000 injured.

In the meantime, The protests continued In Baghdad and the cities of the south of the country, including Nasiriyah, Diwaniyah, Najaf and Hilla, demonstrators cut key streets linking the cities and sub-cities, which led to the suspension of work in governmental and educational institutions.

The protesters are demanding a new political class instead of officials who have monopolized power for nearly 17 years.

The Iraqi political parties are running marathon negotiations with the aim of naming a prime minister instead of resigning Adel Abdul Mahdi, without reaching an agreement until now.


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