The appointment of a new head of the Samsung smartphone division


Roh Tae Moon will be the new head of the smart phone division with Samsung, replacing DJ Co.

The appointment of a new head of the Samsung mobile division - Roh Tae Moon

Samsung decided to appoint Roh Tae-moon as the company’s new head of phones to succeed the former chief of department, DJ Koh, who we used to see at Korean company conferences when revealing its latest flagship devices, so it is possible Seeing a different person this time at the upcoming event of the Korean company On February 11 While detecting the S20 series and the foldable phone.

Roh Tai Moon, who joined Samsung in 1997 and is one of its leading engineers in the smart phone division, the company considers it one of the most interested engineers in phones and details related to its production, and has for many years been a major component in the development of various Galaxy phones.

According to Bloomberg Which brought the news, as it was one of the factors in reducing the prices of medium-sized Samsung phones and developing their advantages to compete with Chinese companies.

The former head of the division, DJ Koo, will continue to lead the entire IT and communications division of the company, and he will leave the phone duties to Moon.

Samsung is hoping for a new head of the company’s smartphone division to continue to dominate and even move away from its Chinese competitors in the market.

But in any case, Tai Moon will face a very difficult task with that, especially in the Chinese market and the Indian market, the two largest markets in Asia.




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