Telegram finally supports “Who Will Win a Million” competitions


Today, Thursday, Telegram’s instant messaging service announced the launch of three new types of Polls, in addition to some other improvements.

“Since the polls first added groups and channels, they have been used for everything from deciding where to eat lunch to organizing demonstrations that have no leader,” Telegram said in a post. Today, we are expanding our portfolio with three new colors from Telegram’s polls. ”

Telegram’s polls were previously all secret. But with the new update, the application now supports Visible Votes, as the poll creator can show the names of the voices to all members of the group. However, users can still create anonymous votes.

The new update comes with support for adding Multiple Answers to polls on Telegram, and it also supports Quiz Mode, which allows to perform tests similar to the famous (who wins a million) competitions, as there will be one correct answer.

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Polls can be created in groups and channels, from the Poll option in the attachment list, where users can type in the question, answer options, and then choose the mode that best suits their voting.

In addition to the new voting types, Telegram announced the addition of new visual settings to the application, allowing users to adjust the appearance of message bubbles in the settings. The application also supports showing the progress of uploading and downloading files on the Android system, similar to what was previously available for Apple iOS users.

This, and the latest version of the Telegram app for Android phones can be downloaded from the Play Store, iPhone and iPad computers from the App Store, and it can be downloaded to personal computers from its website.

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