Tehran circumvents compensation: dual Iranians


Source: Dubai – Arabic.net

Iran appears to be looking for a loophole to escape heavy compensation payments to victims Ukrainian plane The Revolutionary Guards has admitted to bringing it down and killed all 176 people on board, as Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said on Monday that Iran is a dual national of the Ukrainian plane crash victims of Iranian citizens.

“We have informed Canada that Tehran considers the dual nationals who were killed in the plane crash, Iranian nationals,” Mousavi said at a weekly news conference broadcast on television.

In addition, 5 countries affected by the Ukrainian plane accident in Iran: Canada, Ukraine, Sweden, Afghanistan and Britain, in a statement issued after a meeting of officials in London last Thursday, demanded that Iran pay compensation to the families of the victims and conduct a “comprehensive, independent and transparent international investigation” in the accident. The five countries said they welcomed Iran’s cooperation so far.

The five countries asked Iran to conduct the process of identifying the victims with dignity and transparency while respecting the wishes of the families regarding repatriation.

Protests erupted in Iran after the plane disaster, which saw the British ambassador briefly detained.

Officials said he was in an “illegal” gathering, while the ambassador said he was attending a memorial service for the victims. Britain criticized his detention.

Mousavi said that “Iran respects all foreign diplomats in Iran as long as they do not violate international laws.”

The Ukrainian plane was shot down by a missile shortly after take-off, killing 176 people on board. And after Tehran denied days of what was announced by Western countries about the downing of the Boeing 737 plane with a missile, the Iranian armed forces returned and admitted on Saturday morning their responsibility for the tragedy, talking about a “human error” resulting from tension and confusion.


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