Take a stunning image of a “dangerous” asteroid heading towards Earth


Take a stunning photo of an asteroid

Photo by Jakub Novacek from Pexels

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Astrophysicist and astronomer Dr. Gianluca Massi from the “Virtual Telescope” project in Italy, captured a stunning asteroid while observing the stars on January 17.

Take a stunning photo of an asteroid

© Gianluca Masi / The Virtual Telescope Project

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While observing the sky in the early morning hours, the asteroid 2020 AN3 appeared, and the world was able to capture the amazing image of the space object, which is only one among the thousands of potentially dangerous asteroids (PHAs), which may hit Earth one day, as it was 3.1 million km from Our planet.

“The telescope follows the apparent motion of the asteroid,” Massey said of his amazing image.

The NASA Space Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) tracked the space rock that was described in the European Space Agency’s risk list (ESA), but was discovered a few days before it approached our planet with the Catalina Sky Survey.

Source: RT


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