Tabuk temperature drops to minus 16 degrees


The temperature map showed the phenomenon of frost, which is expected to hit most of the north and parts of central and north central, for a few days starting tomorrow.

Professor Al-Manakh at the Department of Geography at the Qaseem University, Abdullah Al-Misnad Al-Misnad, said: Notice the map of the zero-centimeter position, while the frost phenomenon is expected to hit most of the north.

He added: The expected temperature at midnight over the peaks of Jabal al-Louz (2549 m) northwest of Tabuk is 6 degrees below zero, while the perceived temperature is 16 degrees below zero.

He continued: The level of the permanent snow line rise is only 1350 m, and the snowfall is not expected due to the non-completion of its conditions, and the availability of weather factors .. This is God knows best.


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