Symptoms of the “new corona” virus hinder efforts to detect it


Health data from China indicate that not all victims of the new mysterious virus that has recently spread showed symptoms of fever before their death, which hinders efforts to monitor the disease in airport travelers, knowing that monitoring high temperatures is the most common method in places of transit.

According to the National Health Committee of China, five out of 17 people who died from the new corona virus showed other symptoms such as difficulty breathing, chest tightness, coughing, headache, loss of consciousness, vomiting, fatigue and feeling weak.

The committee said that at least 9 victims were suffering from already existing diseases such as diabetes, coronary artery disease, and Parkinson’s disease, and that 8 of them were 80 years or older, two in the 1970s, 5 in the 1960s, and one in their 50s. The youngest was a 48-year-old woman with previous diseases.

On Friday, the commission announced that the number of deaths from the emerging coronavirus in China had reached 25, with the number of confirmed cases increasing to 830.

The commission said the authorities were also examining 1072 cases suspected of being part of the epidemic that had appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

The virus appeared in Wuhan, Hubei Province, in central China, at the end of last year and spread to other cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Macau, and it also spread to the United States, Thailand, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

The World Health Organization announced, on Thursday, that it is “too early” to consider the new Corona virus, which has appeared in China and started to spread in the world, “a public health emergency on an international scale.”

“One of you is not mistaken, it is an emergency in China, but it is not yet a global health emergency. It may become so,” WHO Director-General Tidros Adhanum Gebresos told a news conference in Geneva.


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