Surprise Not Manchester United .. Saudi Arabia is close to buying a giant English club


In a big surprise, press reports revealed an approach Saudi Arabia, from the purchase of a large English club in “Premier League”, unlike Manchester United.

There was strong news in the recent period, about the intention of Saudi Arabia, to buy the Manchester United team, before this matter was completely denied.

The English newspaper, “The Sun”, indicated that the Saudi Investment Fund, in negotiations with Mike Ashley, owner of Newcastle United, for the acquisition of the club.

The English newspaper pointed out that Saudi Arabia’s acquisition of the Newcastle team will be with the contribution of a group of other investors, led by Amanda Staffelli.

She stressed that the Saudi offer to acquire the English giant, amounting to 340 million pounds.

The newspaper pointed out that Saudi Arabia’s acquisition of Newcastle will be similar to Abu Dhabi’s acquisition of Manchester City in 2008, which pumped more than one billion pounds sterling into making it one of the best teams in the world.

It is worth noting that the past few days witnessed Emirati attempts to acquire Newcastle, but the negotiations collapsed and were unsuccessful.

Newcastle United, throughout its great history, was crowned 4 titles in the Premier League, and six titles in the FA Cup.


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