Surprise .. Internet experts reveal the secret of the penetration of iPhones and Android phones (details)


Hacked phonesHacked phones

Thursday, January 23, 2020 09:00 PM

Internet experts have uncovered a surprise regarding one of the reasons why phones are compromised, which is the use of old iPhones or Android phones, as one of the reasons for the threat of destructive hacking attacks.

IPhone phones
IPhone phones

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Intrusions can include: spying on users or stealing private information. And the phones can be “old”, in that they don’t receive software updates after just a year or two.

The tech giant is slowing down old devices regularly, since it is not practicable to provide continuous updating to all phones, which puts users ’phones in the long run at risk.

Android phones
Android phones

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Speaking with The Sun, Brian Higgins, a security specialist, said: “Unsupported software and hardware pose an incredible risk to consumers, because there is no protection from cyber criminals. And not all vulnerabilities will be common knowledge only among the criminal community, As users will not be able to download anti-virus software, unsupported devices will not accept any recent security patches, which makes them “incredibly vulnerable”.

Brian Higgins explains that Internet pirates can use pictures, social media, contacts and bank details, to earn money illegally.

Brian Higgins can also say it is shocking how quickly, with which phones can become out of date with security updates. For example, iPhone 6 and any older devices cannot be updated to the latest software iOS 13 From Apple. And the situation will be worse for “Android” phones, many of which stop receiving updates, after only two or 3 years.


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