Surprise, first official look, a catchy kiss, and mutual support


With the beginning of the relationship between the artistAmr diabAnd actress Dina El-Sherbiny, they were trying to hide the burning story of love that brought them together despite the spread of rumors around them, and the matter remained only speculation, until many positions and statements emerged to prove this.
Until today Amr Diab andDina El-SherbinyHe did not announce marriage in a formal way and did not talk about it.
In this report, we have gathered many of the positions that brought together the famous duo in the artistic community in 2019:

Pregnancy rumors due to a photo
In January of 2019, Dina El-Sherbiny appeared in a picture with a swollen abdomen, and Amr Diab puts his hands on her stomach, and the time was rumored that El-Sherbiny was pregnant.

Dina talks about Amr Diab for the first timeSherine RedaReveal details
For the first time, Dina El-Sherbiny spoke in 2019 about Amr Diab, at first she was after her series “Zay El Shams”, and she said that Amr recorded his admiration for the series and her performance as well, and that he was keen to attend the scenes of photography, and also spoke for the first time about their personal life and said that he gives her positive energy In her life and great support.
For the second time, Dina talked again about their relationship, and said that she had listened to the song “Day of Talat” before its launch, and that she listened to all his songs.
The song was commented on by the actress Sherine Reda, the wife of Amr Diab, the first wife and the mother of his older daughter Nour. The song.

Amr Diab surprises everyone with this step
Amr Diab’s fans were surprised on his official page on a social networking site by publishing for the first time a picture of Dina El-Sherbiny, who is dressed in black, and Sherbiny commented on the image that they are in the Spanish city of Marbella, and she appeared while hanging her hand in Amr’s hand.

Amr Diab fulfills our wish
Amr Diab fulfilled Dina El Sherbiny’s wish to combine them with work after the movie that would have been combined with them stopped, but appeared together in the month of Ramadan in 2019 through an advertisement in favor of a communications company.

The official look for the first time in public
Dina El-Sherbiny appeared in the company of Amr Diab in Saudi Arabia during the entertainment makers awards ceremony, and they seemed to have harmony while dancing at the ceremony, which also saw their first appearance in an open and official manner.

Dina celebrates Amr Diab’s birthday
Dina El-Sherbiny celebrated Amr Diab’s birthday in October 2019, and she was keen to invite colleagues from the artistic community such as Khaled Selim, Kinda Alloush, Ahmed Dawoud, Amr Youssef, Yasmine Rais, and Nisreen Imam, and they published videos and photos without making sure to hide them, as was happening in the few years Past.

Dina always accompanies Amr Diab and kiss at the wedding of Ibn Hani Shaker
Dina’s appearance with Amr Diab is taking a different curve, as she goes with him not only for his concerts but for special invitations, he attended the wedding of Ibn Hani Shaker accompanied by Dina, and he kissed her in front of those present, and she also attended with him the wedding of the sister of the young actress, King of Qura.

Amr Diab supports Dina El-Sherbiny
Just as Dina El-Sherbiny goes with Amr Diab in his concerts and events, he is also keen to be with her not only in the locations of filming her works, but he also attended with her the activities of the third session of the El Gouna Film Festival, and he also attended the After Party for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Cairo Film Festival 2019.


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