Surprise .. Al-Ahly imposes heavy penalties on the team’s star after his rebellion


The Egyptian Al-Ahly club decided to punish Saleh Jumaa, the red team player, due to the player’s absence from the team’s training during the recent period.

Al-Ahly imposed a huge financial penalty on Saleh Jumaa because of the player’s rebellion and his absence from the team’s training.

Al-Ahly decided to fine Saleh Jumaa 500 thousand Egyptian pounds, which is equivalent to 32 thousand dollars, due to the player’s failure to attend the exercises for 10 consecutive days without obtaining permission from the technical staff or the club’s football manager, and without clear reasons for his absence from the training.

The huge financial penalty against Saleh Jumaa came after the Swiss coach, Rene Weiler, decided to increase the value of the fine for the player to 50 thousand pounds for the absence from one time, bringing the total number of fines signed to the player after absence 10 days, half a million pounds.

The Swiss Rene Fyler announced that he did not need in favor of Jumaa in the team and said: “Saleh Jumaa will not have a role with Al-Ahly and I wish him success in another team,” after the player’s statements in which he confirmed that Fyler, who was absent from the matches.

Saleh Jumaa is looking for a suitable offer to leave the Ahly club during the coming period.


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