Super Koura .. Details of 60 minutes in favor of Juma inside Al Ahly and sitting with a single person


Super ball is made Details and behind the scenes 60 minutes spent by Saleh Juma, Al-Ahly’s midfielder, Inside the Red Castle, today, Thursday, to participate in the team’s group training.

Saleh Jumaa attended the Al-Ahly club this morning, according to the date set by the technical staff’s performance of team exercises, in preparation for the coastal star match next Sunday, in the fifth round of the group stage of the African Champions League.

Saleh Jumah did not sit with any person while he was inside the Al-Ahly Club, unlike only one person.

To find out the details of what Saleh Jumaa did inside Al-Ahly and the person he sat with, Press here

And the past days have witnessed a sharp dispute between the Swiss technical director of the Al-Ahly club, Rene Filer, and Saleh Jumaa after the player’s statements in which he attacked his technical manager and accused him of ignoring and treating him in a bad way, for the coach to respond to him during the press conference of the Al-Ahly match and the contractors that he wished success to the player but in another club.

Al-Ahly is preparing to face the coastal star, next Sunday, in the fifth round of the group stage of the African Champions League.

The Football Association received approval from the security authorities to attend 10,000 fans in the Al-Ahly match against the coastal star, and the Swiss coach René Filer, the technical manager of the first football team in the Al-Ahly club, set a special physical and technical program for Senegalese Alio Badji, the new team striker, and asked “Fyler” from Thomas Pinkel, load planner, developed a special program for “Badji” to implement it over a period of five days, before he participated in the group exercises for Al Ahly.

The technical apparatus, led by Feiler, seeks to equip Badji physically and technically as a prelude to entering into team training and participating in matches with the team. The Senegalese striker Alio Badji, the new Al Ahly striker, incurs nearly 100 million pounds, after the club recently contracted with the player for four and a half seasons starting from This January.


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