Super Koura .. Al-Ahly imposes a new fine on Saleh Jumaa


Al-Ahly ball machine imposed a new fine on Saleh Juma The team midfielder, where Saleh Gomaa expressed his sorrow for being treated badly and unjustified by Feiler, saying: “I am treated poorly by Feiler, and he always excludes me from the list and from the division in training and I do not know the reason.”

Feiler responded to Saleh Jumah’s accusations that he was not treated well by the technical staff, saying, “I do not follow the media and any player has two parts … the first in the stadium and the second is focus, and I see that Saleh was punished because he was not focused with the team and I wish for a good future, but Elsewhere away from Al-Ahly. “

To find out why Al-Ahly imposed a new fine on Saleh Jumaa via Super ball .. from here

Saleh Jumaa cut Al-Ahly player bleeding discounts imposed on him, after appearing in the practice of his team yesterday after the interruption for 10 consecutive days against the background of a succession with the technical staff led by Rene Weiler.

Rene Fyler decided to increase the penalty for absenteeism from Al-Maran on Saleh Jumah, to reach 50 thousand pounds for one al-Maran instead of only 10,000 because of his persistence of the error, so that the total fines imposed on him after absent from al-Maran for a continuous period of 10 days amounted to 500 thousand pounds, at the time that Syed confirmed Director of Football Abdel Hafeez that the values ​​and principles of Al-Ahly club do not allow departing from the text under any name, and that severe penalties await any player who is not committed, and Saleh Juma received 4 local offers, most notably from Smouha and Enppi clubs, while the player did not reach any external offer until this moment. Despite the attempts of Al-Ahly Club to address a number of Saudi clubs, Laq He called them to obtain the player’s services for a period of 6 months, but the Red Administration did not receive confirmation of approval until this moment, after the Swiss coach, Rennes Feiler, the technical team of the Red team, decided to leave for secondment after the crisis that erupted between the two parties during.


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