Successful Kickstarter technology projects during December 2019


We return to you with a new episode and a selected list of some successful projects related to technology, which were launched during last December (2019) and succeeded in obtaining the funding that will enable them to convert ideas and prototypes into actual products that are sent to each shareholder and put on the market after that (if things go about good).

1. Small flash memory with large capacity

The need for digital storage solutions increases day after day, especially with the development and spread of digital photography. Pictures and clips increase and grow in size and the average user needs smaller portable means to use them in storing all types of files, and this product is one of the good storage solutions.

The product bearing the name (Bullet SSD) is an SSD external storage medium, it is a memory stick but it is of high capacity, while its price is reasonable, its storage capacity is 1 and 2 terabytes, and the transfer speed reaches 500MB / s, It is small in size and light in weight, water resistant and can be connected to a computer or smart phones that use the USB-C port. It also provides a piece to convert to USB-A for connection to old computers.

2. People tracker, Crisis amount

A small piece that can be attached to the medal, or in the small bag, its function is to inform the person you love about your place and your itinerary path, with a quick touch an alert reaches your relatives (predetermined) so he knows your location and can follow you through the map, the product is named (Care Go), which is made of a structure Strong, and electric charge is enough for a year.

3. Mobile finger, to press as needed

If you want to turn your home appliances into smart devices that you can control remotely or via voice commands, but do not want to replace them or install expensive devices on them, you can use this small product that is strange in its idea, as it is clear from its name (Fingerbot) is It is a mobile finger, which you install at the buttons or devices you want at home, then order this (finger) via your phone or through the voice assistant, and it will instead you press the piston, to turn off the light, or turn on the TV.

4. Wireless earphones can be inserted into the wallet

These wireless bluetooth headphones are so thin that you can put them with their small house inside the wallet, they are characterized by a slim design, and several other features of the most important: touch commands, water and splash resistance, with a small and slender mobile home, noise reduction technology , And others.

5. Mac holder and dispenser

This distributor (Hub) is characterized by the fact that it is composed of two parts carrying the device from its rear, and at the same time it provides several entrances to expand the possibility of connecting to a MacBook computer, the product named (JoyDuo) is used to transfer data at a speed of up to 40 Gbps, and is used to charge the device as well High-resolution screen connectivity, and other features.

6. Fingerprint bike insurance

A small and useful product for bicyclists, bearing the name (WALSUN) used to secure the bike when left outside, but without a lock or a key, but with a fingerprint, it can be used for electric bicycles as well, it provides two ways to secure the bike, via the wheel and via the cable, as it water resistant.

7. Flashy medium for storing data for modern devices

Flash memory has two ends to connect, one to connect to different iPhone and iPad devices (Apple devices) and the other (USB-C) to connect to modern devices from Android as well as modern laptops, can be used to backup from the phone in an easy way, as the product provides (which IKlips C) is a special phone application through which you can control, manage files and other features.

8. A scooter will walk you occasionally and walk next to you sometimes

This product is an electric scooter (E-Scooter) used for mobility in cities, bearing the name (Mantour X) and is distinguished from others by its design and flexibility during movement and carrying, it can be folded into a vertical shape, then it holds its head and will walk with you with one wheel and in a balanced way It provides other features such as metal durability and others.

8. A virtual helmet balance piece in the head

The product is simple but has a need and demand by the users of virtual reality helmets, especially (Oculus Quest) owned by Facebook, this product is a small piece that is attached to the helmet from the back to carry out a balance of the helmet in a comfortable way, it is made of a soft material and at the same time Intensity that allows it to balance the heavy helmet body in the foreground.

10. Mobile fingerprint lock

It can be used as a substitute for a regular key-lock or a passcode, a portable lock that can be charged once for a full year, and then used to lock the bag, bike or something else, and then unlock the lock via fingerprint.


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